CSA on the home stretch

The second half of our CSA deliveries have brought new challenges into our kitchen as we’ve received squashes, loads of beets and new herbs to try. (And seriously, what do you do with a soccer-ball sized kohlrabi?) There have been many more choices each week and bins of  assorted veggies to drive you crazy deciding between a giant-sized zucchini or a bag of beautiful cucumbers… do you pick the summer squash or the trio of kohlrabi?

Celery has made an appearance in two deliveries and, while the stalks are quite thin and there are an abundance of leaves, they are very tasty with hummus and in stir-fries or soups.  Farmer John suggested in his weekly email that the celery leaves are great for flavouring soups and stocks, it can be frozen or dried and used in caesar salt mix.

Our last delivery of the season brought nice squashes that will store well, beets, carrots and potatoes.  Good hearty harvest-season veggies that will add well to our storage vegetables in the basement.  In another post, we’ll tally up our CSA haul and give some final thoughts about being involved with a CSA this year.  In the meantime, here’s what we ended up with:

Week 7

Bag of golden potatoes $6
Two bunches of beets, forminova and golden: $7
1 Dozen Carrots: $4
Bag of mixed greens (spinach): $6
2 cucumbers (choice of zucchini or squash): $5
Chives: $2
Garlic: $0.50
Wildflowers (sunflower): $2

Total: $32.50

Week 8

Missed delivery due to holidays!  ~$30

Week 9

Missed delivery due to holidays! ~$30

Week 10

Summer squash: $7.50
Bag of mixed carrots: $4
2 cucumbers: $5
Head of broccoli: $5
Bunch of chard: $6
Bag of Golden Potatoes: $6
Garlic: $0.50
Cilantro: $2.00

Total: $36.00

Week 11

Summer squash: $7.50
Bunch of Celery: $4
Bunch of golden beets: $6
Dozen carrots: $4
Bag of Red Potatoes: $6
Cucumbers: $5
Bunch of kale: $5
Garlic: $0.50
Mint: $2

Total: $40.00

Week 12

Head of Cabbage: $3
Bag of Green Beans: $4
Dozen Carrots: $4
Bag of Purple Potatoes: $6
Strawberries: $4
Bunch of kale: $5
Dillweed: $3
Garlic: $0.50
Flowers: $4

Total: $33.50

Week 13

A Giant kohlrabi: $8
Mixed salad greens: $6
Bunch of Celery: $4
1 Dozen Carrots: $4
4 Green peppers: $6
Cauliflower: $5
Bag of Yukon Gold Potatoes: $6
Garlic: $0.50
Parlsey: $3

Total: $42.50

Week 14

2 onions: $2
bag of yukon gold potatoes: $6
1 dozen (small) yellow peppers: $8
1 dozen large carrots: $6
2 giant squashes (traded in green tomatoes for an extra squash): $15
bag of golden and red beets: $5
Dillweed: $2
garlic: $0.50

Total: $44.50

Thanks Farmer John and Eagle Creek Farms – it was a delicious summer! And that giant kohlrabi is slowly being whittled away at… John still has some space in his winter storage veggie CSA and we’ll definitely be looking to sign up for next summer!

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6 comments on “CSA on the home stretch

  1. How cool to get a sunflower.

  2. Looks like the summer brought about some highly-nutritious veggies:)

    • It did! It’s been wonderful – and definitely made us get a little creative each week, it’s forced us to try new recipes and get into a “one soup a week” plan to use up all of our root veg and squash!

  3. Everything looks so good, even the giant kohlrabi, not that I’d know what to do with it. Apparently there is a farmer on the island who sell the food baskets too! I’m going to plan a trip to his farm soon to see what he has left ;-).

    • Nice! That would be wonderful! Our guy has winter shares that come bi-weekly and you get a pre-determined amount of storage veg like beets, carrots and onions. We haven’t signed up for the winter share this year, but definitely will in the spring again. The giant kohlrabi has been used as raw veggie sticks, in soup and I am thinking of making fritters with it as well! We’ve got about 2/3 left!

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