bees need beers too…

At the end of a long week, nothing beats a Cold One out on the patio, on your front stoop, in the backyard or on your landing board… errrrr…. yes, your landing board.

Bees work hard, seven days a week, toiling away in the hot sun bringing pollen and nectar back to the hive, risking their lives on water recovery missions, building honeycomb from painstakingly small flakes of wax… not to mention raising and caring for the thousands of bees that are born on a daily basis! Sure, they may not work when it’s cold out, or raining, or if there’s too many clouds in the sky, but who’s counting?

It’s a Friday afternoon and everyone deserves a break.

We’re just happy to see that our bees enjoy they same refreshing beverages that we’ve come to love from the Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. in Revelstoke, British Columbia.  Everyone likes a Kölsch and of course, some of the bees are partial to “Attila the Honey Ale”.

See for yourself!  Happy weekend everybody.



4 comments on “bees need beers too…

  1. Happy Friday Candice!! Great post and pictures. I didn’t know that about bees – you learn something new everyday! xo

  2. This is a new one on me! Just not sure I would want to share, though….Great post!

    • Thanks! The bees have been working extra hard these days as we’re in the height of our summer nectar flow… they are building 3 – 4 combs per week and filling up the hive very quickly! They definitely deserve a break on a hot day! 🙂 hee hee

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