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mid-july in the garden

it’s (currently) easy being green

The weather has been almost exactly like we could have hoped for – rain, sun, rain, heat wave, rain – the plants are loving it.  While the cool start to the season has delayed a lot of what we’d be expecting to find in our garden at this time, we’re now enjoying an explosion of greens in the backyard.  Spinach, tatsoi (mustard spinach), many kinds of lettuces, kales, snap peas, arugula and lots of thinnings of beet greens have made for some delicious salads. We have fresh dill that we’ve harvested from a friend as well as fresh chives. We’ve been experimenting with adding some of the little flowers from the spinach and arugula for extra flavour and appeal.

Our potato plants have just started to flower which, as I understand it, means there are some new potatoes under there!  We’ll wait as long as possible to dig them up and store them over the winter… or maybe we’ll check out a few early, you know… just to make sure they’re doing alright…

any other flower-eaters out there?


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