half share, full flavour

 Our first CSA delivery… fresh veggies (almost) to your front door

We picked up our first CSA delivery from Eagle Creek Farms and met Farmer John, a 30-something year old who looks more like he’s come off the beach from surfing than out of the fields from a harvest.  Relaxed, happy to meet all of his share families and introduce himself, it’s a pretty neat experience to meet the person responsible for the dinner you’ll have that night!

Our half share included garlic scapes, new potatoes, mixed salad greens, radishes, a potted plant and a bouquet of wildflowers.  We’ve been a week delayed due to the slow start to this year’s growing season, but we’ll be getting deliveries all the way in to October now. As all of the Thursday afternoon share families pulled up, I jumped off of my bike to pick up our weekly bounty.  I’m particularly excited about the fresh flowers that are included with every week’s share, it’s going to be a really nice addition to have fresh flowers in the house – an indulgence we haven’t generally had at our table before.

 Our first share

The potted plant was a nice surprise as well – we picked up a hot pepper plant out of a selection of sorrow, calendula, nasturtiums and a couple other items. We’ll see how the pepper does in our raised bed – it’s a bit of a luxury item!

To give a tally of how we think we’re doing financially by investing in this share, we both gave our guesses at how much we’d be spending in an organic grocery store or farmer’s market in Calgary to come home with the same amount of veggies. (Yes, this will likely seem more expensive than what you might spend at a large box store, but I want to make sure we’re comparing like to like on a quality basis).  While this metric doesn’t capture some of the best things about being involved with a CSA, I think it might be an important one if you’ve been mulling over the idea of trying a share, but aren’t sure about the initial costs.

Bag of mixed greens (enough for 6 – 8 salads): $7

Bag of garlic scapes (the new “it” food of 2012): $4

Bag of new potatoes: $7

Bunch of radishes: $4

Potted plant: $3

Bouquet of wildflowers: $4

 Total for Week 1:  $29

We can’t wait for what’s in store for next week!

How has your first CSA haul turned out?


5 comments on “half share, full flavour

  1. This week I got a bunch of lemon cucumbers which I am thoroughly enjoying! There’s okra too and that will be more challenging.

  2. Lemon cucumbers? Wow! I’ve never heard of such a thing! You must be much further south than us! 🙂 I’ve heard that fresh okra can be a challenge to cook, but I would look to your favourite Indian cookbook to find a good recipe!

  3. mmmm, sounds like a great basket of goodies! Something to look forward to every week! Have you eaten the scapes yet? I’ve enjoyed them cooked and also eaten raw in a salad. Lemon cucumbers sound interesting! Our “local gardener” is providing us with a bountiful supply of blueberries and raspberries! I feel like a bear as I pick and eat, pick and eat 😉

  4. The scapes have been wonderful, we’ve added them to most of our cooked dishes this week – even into a pad thai. Our raspberries are very slowly coming along, no ripe berries yet, but hopefully soon as the berries around the neighbourhood are starting to look good!

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