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hive inspection 6.0

 Hot times, summer in the city

Sting count:  0
Spot the queen? Negative
Eggs and Larvae? Tons of capped brood cells
Pollen and Nectar? Loads of pollen, some nectar
Combs inspected: all

A quick inspection to see how the bees were doing in the last couple of weeks now that we’ve had some hot weather.  As you may recall from our last bee post, we were a little bit worried about how light the combs were.  The drones had emerged and with all of the new bees being trapped at home, it looked like they had eaten through a lot of their stores.

This inspection reassured us that they bees are not getting lazy as the weight of each comb was pretty significant and most combs had tons of pollen stores built back up.  We still haven’t seen a dedicated honey comb, but do see some nice capped honey on the tops of each brood comb.  We didn’t see the queen on this inspection either, but as there are tons of newly capped brood cells and a few uncapped young ones on most of the comb, we know that she’s there and she’s been quite busy!

A couple of the newer combs further back in the hive have started to stray from being nicely centered on the points of the top-bars that we had made.  We had put some spacers in at one point prematurely anticipating thicker honey combs, but we should have just kept going with our 1 and 3/8″ top-bars without adding any spacers.  Now we’ve got some combs that have been built on the spacers and one bar that has two combs solidly built to it.  As we can still pull all of the bars to inspect the combs, it doesn’t seem to be too much trouble to be worth any action, but I hope the bees start building nice and neat combs again!

It was such a hot and sunny day that tons of bees were out and about in the garden and while relaxing, we had some curious bees deciding to get a better look at their resident humans.


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