hive inspection 2.0

Bee in Watercolours

Bees in Watercolours, by one of the I.C. Farmers

The bees have been in their new home for three weeks now and it was time to do our second hive inspection.  We had a couple of visitors along with us, a neighbour and his daughter, who were interested in meeting the bees.

The bees have expanded their brood nest and built three more combs behind the original four and another comb in front, closer to the entrance. We pulled out each of the bars, looked over each comb and found the queen. She’s been busy and there is a lot more brood comb since we last looked.  It’s also pretty consistent on the comb which is a good sign that she is doing well.

Can you spot the queen on this comb? Hint: all the bees around her are facing her!
Click to enlarge.

There were lots of cells full of nectar, even more packed full of pollen and brood in various stages.  I still can’t pick out fresh eggs yet, but they must be around since we see larvae that haven’t been capped yet in all kinds of sizes.

We had a bit of work to do scraping brace comb off of the sides of a couple of combs, but most of the combs seem to have been shaped to suit the angle of the hive walls and aren’t hard to lift out.


We gave the bees a couple of extra bars so that they could keep building their comb (we’ve opened up about half of the total volume of the hive now) and closed it up.  In any event, all is well and we’ll see them again in another 9 days!

I was so impressed with the composure of our neighbour’s daughter around the bees. She was pretty nervous at the beginning, but once we had looked at a few combs and she was reasonably assured that the entire mass of bees wouldn’t suddenly swarm around her, she was right in there looking for pollen and baby bees. Well done, M!

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2 comments on “hive inspection 2.0

  1. What a fascinating journey you are embarking on! I never knew bees had such an incredible community life. Can’t wait for the next post!

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