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look for the ladybug

After spotting a number of cute ladybug signs around our neighbourhood, proudly proclaiming their yard homes to be pesticide free, I went about trying to see how we could find a sign for our own yard. I learned that these signs are part of a great initiative by the City of Calgary called Healthy Yards. 

The Healthy Yards program  encourages Calgary homeowners to practice water-wise gardening and responsible pest control for lawns and gardens. They promote water conservation through the use of rain barrels, soil enrichment via compost and integrated pest management to reduce the application of chemical deterrents in the city. 

Participants in the program will receive a composter and a rain-barrel to use in exchange to a two-year committment to try composting, water management techniques and responsible pest control in the yard and garden. A 1.5 hour workshop is held for all participants to learn more about these practices (and hopefully receive the cute ladybug sign!). 

While we currently practice composting, we are excited to start using rain barrels in our yard and learn more about deterring garden pests in an environmentally appropriate manner.

This free program is availablefor all Calgary residents and limited to 200 participants per year. They generally fill up and start a waiting list, so if you’d like to be on the 2013 list, think about registering now!


One comment on “look for the ladybug

  1. […] time during the year in their office in Kensington. We got one of ours there and one through the City of Calgary Healthy Yards program. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Tags: environment, […]

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