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eagle creek seed potatoes

I’ve been told that for every 5 lbs of potatoes you plant, you should get up to 125 lbs of harvest at the end of the summer! With potatoes taking centre stage in a few of our favourite dishes (for example, a version of aloo palak shared by a friend from Bangalore and, of course, oven-baked fries!), we hope to do well with the 3 lbs of potatoes we are planting this summer.

Impressed by the updates that we’ve had from our CSA farm, Eagle Creek Farms, we ordered a selection of good looking seed potatoes from their catalogue.  Viking Reds, Russian Blues, Kennebec, Sangre, Norlands and Lindzer Deleketess have all found their way to our indoor seedling area and we’re in the process of chitting (sprouting) the potatoes before we plant them in the garden.

Depending on how many potatoes we end up with, we’ll hopefully be able to store some overwinter this year in our basement. One of the pleasantries of living in a 100-year old house is that the basement can act as a pretty effective cold room for storing root vegetables.

We’re waiting for the next root cycle in our biodynamic calendar and then into the ground they will go!


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